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The 10-Inch Challenge

british bottom servicing a 10-inch cock

When I blogged about David Kens and his super thick, 10-inch cock last week, I had no idea that Hard Brit Lads would have this hung boy back so quickly. But why keep the horny throngs waiting? A monster cock like David’s is meant to be showcased. But seriously, I’m wondering how hard it was to find one of the bottoms on the site who was willing to take the challenge. Let’s face it, when it comes to dicks a lot of bottoms suffer from the Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Belly Syndrome: everyone wants to play with a huge tool like this, but few can really handle such a thing.

The guys start off in their sportswear and Scott Hunger is rubbing his hands all over David’s shorts, feeling this mammoth, growing meat stick and getting hornier by the second thinking about how intense it’s going to feel.

Scott takes this thick 10-inch shaft in his hand and squeezes it and that’s all it takes to get it swelling. Scott opens wide and half of David’s tool slides down his throat. But that’s about as far as it goes. Scott can usually deep throat dick, but even with some pushing from David, Scott can’t go balls deep — everyone has their limits.

I love the picture where Scott is lying on his back with his legs in the air. David is feeding his long dong down this cocksucker’s throat and fingering the bottom’s butt hole and getting it ready for a good stretching serious. But can you really get a guy’s ass “ready” for such a huge dick?

Scott kneels on all fours and David’s starts pushing his 10 inches ever so slowly past Scott’s puckered hole, but he continues sliding until he’s halfway in. David rocks in and out, but he never tries pushing more than half of his meat inside. Then Scott takes over and he starts pushing back. They fuck like this for a few minutes, then move to a standing position, but this time David lets Scott do all the work thrusting back and forth on his considerable length.

My favourite position has David lying back with Scott mounting him and impaling himself on this long shaft. The close-ups of David’s fuck stick sliding in and out of Scott’s ass is pretty hot. David wants his dick sucked some more before he blasts his load, so Scott lies back and gives some more head, but clearly he’s past his limit and splooges all over himself. Then David’s dick sends a blast of cum sailing two metres through the air, over Scott’s head, and landing on the floor. The rest of his jizz load splashes all over Scott’s face and chest and the poor bastard is completely soaked and worn out.

british bottom servicing a 10-inch cock

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