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Best Bottom in the World

servicing tim kruer's 10-inch cock

The problem with proclaiming that so-and-so is “the best bottom in world” is that some queen will quickly come along and quip, “Oh I’ve had way bigger than that and still could have taken more.” However, do yourself a favour and check out the free video at the end of this post; you’ll be amazed at how easily this Italian bottom takes Tim Kruger’s 10-inch cock.

Italo arrived at Tim Tales a few months back and since then, he’s been fucked by five hung men. Kruger has politely waited for his turn pumping this sexy bearded man’s ass, and it’s been worth the wait.

Italo is one of those butt boys that you love watching because he’s a bottomless pit of pleasure. This guy has no problem swallowing Kruger’s monster dick down his throat — that’s a skilled cocksucker. And he’s a dancer, so he can do some incredible things with his body. In this scene, Italo is standing with his leg hiked up on the kitchen counter and Kruger is drilling his ass, then Kruger takes Italo’s leg and sticks it straight up in the air and continues fucking him. Missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl … there ought be a name for this position, but it probably hasn’t be coined yet because so few of us could ever achieve it — although “flamingo” might be close.

When Italo gets down on all fours, Tim really pummels his hole, he’s fucking this Italian bottom balls deep and even going all the way out and back in, and Italo never complains — he loves it. I’m absolutely amazed at how this Italian stud’s ass can take such a hot fuck. Italo is a hung top man’s dream come true.

bottom fucked by 10-inch cock gets cum on face

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