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Roger Lambert & Dolph Lambert – Kissing Cousins

dolph lambert and roger lambert bareback fucking

Dolph Lambert has appeared in over 80 videos at Bel Ami Online, he’s certainly one of the blond darlings over there, a true Bel Ami superstar. And guys will still be jacking off to this blond-haired, blue-eyed stud and his fat dick long after he retires from gay porn.

I imagine Bel Ami’s G. Duroy was thrilled when Dolph Lambert told him that he had a cousin who might be interested in filming gay porn. Roger Lambert is a beautiful blond, blue-eyed Czech boy just like his cousin and he’s packing a big juicy dick, too. Both guys are only about half an inch apart in dick length, or so their Bel Ami stats say, but it’s the girth on these boys that makes their meat so impressive. Still, I think that Roger Lambert’s cock is much bigger than half an inch.

I wonder if Dolph ever though that he and cousin Roger would be doing a scene together when he introduced Roger to Bel Ami. They did a jack-off video together, but this scene takes things a lot further with Dolph topping his cousin in a bareback fucking session. After sucking Roger Lambert’s big tool, Dolph sits back and lets his cousin sit on his raw cock. Then Roger bents over and gets his ass thoroughly fucked by Dolph’s stiff prick.

dolph lambert and roger lambert bareback fucking

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