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6 Hung Latino Guys

straight latino guy with super fat cock

I was surfing at Bi Latin Men the other night and I saw so many majorly hung guys over there that I decided to throw six of them into a post and give you an idea of what’s waiting for you on this site. And what’s funny about this gang of hung Latino guys is that each one has picked a porn name that suits his equipment, you’ll see, scroll down get an eyeful.

Dumbo is big in just about every way you can imagine — he’s 6’2″, he has big feet, plump kissable lips, big ears, and of course, a honking fat uncut dick. I watched his pre-jack off interview video and he’s adorable; unassuming, but a little shy. “I’m a freak and I love to fuck,” he says. And while he’s mainly interested in girls, he does let his freaky side come on out Bi Latin Men and he’s filmed three sessions with other guys. And when he’s jacking off, he loves pounding his fat meat against his fist. It’s hot to watch.

hung brazilian muscle guy

Brazil’s an easy one to figure out, this muscle stud hails from Brazil, but he’s been in the U.S. for 11 years. He’s a good-looking guy and sports a bit of chin scruff. He opens his video giving us a look at his workout routine. He’s masculine, but sweet at the same time. He sits back in a lounge chair on a shaded deck near the pool and slides his jeans down his hips; his cock is already rock-hard and his underwear is sporting a cum drop seeping through the fabric. And this boy is hung! Massive, long, uncut dick, a cocksucker’s dream come true.

hand holding latino guy's big hard cock

DaTank is a lean Latino guy and he’s another one wearing some chin scruff, but his is quite long. He says he’s called DaTank because he’s built like one. Not sure what a tank looks like is his neck of the woods, but honestly, he’s pretty skinny. But he’s probably talking about his big dick. DaTank watches a porno and gets his cock hard and he even lets the photographer give him a few strokes before he finally sprays a watery cum load all over himself. He’s disappointed that his load isn’t more creamy and white and says that he probably hasn’t eaten enough protein this week, although it looked pretty tasty to me.

latino muscle stud holding big brown veiny cock

This straight Latino guy is named Gigante. I don’t have to translate that for you, do I? Okay, let me give you a few hints: he stands 6’3″, he’s got big, curved guns, and he’s packing a big, meaty cock between his legs, and he wears a size 13 shoe. I love this stud. He’s handsome with beautiful kissable lips, he’s muscular, and that huge brown uncut dick makes me wish I were there between his legs. The photographer makes Gigante look in the camera and say, “Wanna suck my dick?” Oh man, Gigante, do I.

latino guy holding his long cock covered in cum

God Damn is a horny, 19-year-old Mexican guy and he came to Bi Latin Men with his cousin, who at 6’9″ is appropriately named OMG! These cousins open the video with an interview together, but then they’re separated to do their individual jack-off videos. God Damn is a cute guy and he works out, so he’s packing a hot chiseled body with a treasure trail running up his six pack. He’s got a heavy-hanging long cock and when it gets totally hard it curves down a little bit.

hand on a latino guy's thick uncut cock

Natural is a skinny guy, weighs 116 pounds and he’s swimming in his boxers. He’s another one wearing some chin scruff and he’s got very hairy legs, too. He gets naked and strokes his big uncut dick (that’s where the Natural comes in) it’s nicely thick, too. And surprisingly this straight guy doesn’t flinch when the videographer grabs his meat and gives him a hand job. And when this boy shoots, he blasts cum right up onto his chest. The videographer asks him if he’d let one of the homies blow him for some extra cash and Natural just smiles as the camera and says, “Yeah, I probably would.”

latino dude with a heavy-hanging uncut cock

“Okay people, my name is Wow. And the reason why is because when I get undressed, you pretty much say ‘WOW!’ So that’s why I chose that name.” And Wow does have an impressive cock, it’s a heavy hanger, very meaty. It’s kind of funny though, with a cock this big he jacks it with a couple of fingers. You’d think he’d be wrapping his whole fist around that thing. And when he shoots his load, he cums all over the videographer’s camera bag. What a pig! But the videographer didn’t seem to mind, he just threw Wow a towel and told him to clean it up.


  1. DAMN These Men Are FUCKING HOT I Just Love Every One Of Them but God Damn Is My Very Favorite I’d Love To Feel Every Inch Of Him In Me I Want Him To make Me Say GOD DAMN

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