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Taking 10 Inches Up His Ass

bottom guy sucking a monster huge cock

This isn’t the first time David Ken has stuffed his cucumber-sized dick up another guy’s ass at Hard Brit Lads, and I’m hoping it won’t be the last. A few weeks back I posted his first scene called The 10-Inch Challenge. And now Justin Harris is back to see how much of this massive tool he can get up his ass.

The thing about gay porn is that the camera man can shoot from certain angles that can make a guy’s dick look bigger than it actually is. Hard Brit Lads doesn’t need to resort to tricks; there’s no getting around the fact Justin can’t even wrap his hand around David’s shaft. So you know this monster meat is the real thing. David starts licking this horse cock, but this just gets David aroused and very vocal about wanting Justin to sucking his big bone.

Poor Justin stretches his mouth wide and slides as much of these 10 inches into his mouth as he can. He likes big ones, but this dick is too much. No matter how far down Justin goes, David wants him to got deeper and he pushes on the back of Justin’s head to coax him to swallow more of his hard-on.

Justin gets down on all fours on the sofa, arse in the air; David kneels spits on his hole and starts pushing his humongous dong inside. Justin’s ass really gets stretched and inch by inch David’s erection slides about halfway in. He starts gentley rocking back and forth — he knows it’s the best way to open up and bottom’s ass so he can bury himself balls deep.

Justin gasps deeply as Dave’s huge pole slides the rest of the way in. And after some more fucking, this bottom is even brave enough to sit on Dave and ride his 10 incher nice and slow. He picks up speed and David even thrust up into Justin’s greedy hole. Then Justin lies back and gets his hole drilled missionary style and finally explodes all over his belly.

But it’s not over yet. Justin has no idea what’s coming next. He obviously hasn’t watched David’s last video, so he doesn’t know that this hung boy shoots like a canon. By the time David is done spunking, Justin’s belly and chest are completely drenched in creamy jizz.

bottom guy gets 10 inch cock up his ass

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