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Christian Wilde Bottoms for the First Time

austin wilde and christian wilde

When I read the write-up for this scene talking about Christian Wilde’s first time bottoming, I was little surprised that he hasn’t already gotten fucked on camera. I’ve been watching this guy since he did his first movie many years ago. But I just checked it out with my girl over at Naked Sword, and this fourth scene from Golden Gate Season 5: The Cover Up really is Wilde’s first time getting fucked.

Christian Wilde is playing the boyfriend of anti-sex supervisor Scott Cox; he’s confronted by an old boyfriend played by Austin Wilde who blackmails Wilde: Let me fuck your virgin ass or I’m exposing you and your two-faced lover to the media.

Director mr. Pam might have been a little nicer to Christian Wilde by pairing him up with a more comfortably-average cock, but no, she’s a bitch just like the rest of us — she gives him Austin Wilde, who even soft has an impressive, heavy-hanging piece of meat. But when it gets rock hard, it plumps up pretty thick. And Austin doesn’t even have his tool halfway inside Christian’s ass and the first-time bottom is making faces like it’s a redwood tree. Welcome to the club, Christian!

austin wilde and christian wilde

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