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Adam Archuleta Fucks Phillipe Gaudin

adam archuleta and phillipe gaudin

Adam Archuleta and Phillipe Gaudin have just been released in the ninth part of Bel Ami’s An American in Prague. This scene opens Adam and Phillipe sitting in the yard chatting with Mick Lovell and Kevin Warhol, all showered and clothed after their own bareback flip flop scene, which I just posted to Big Dick Hunt a couple of days ago. When Kevin offers to make them coffee, Archuleta and Gaudin move in on Lovell grabbing his crotch and saying, “We want to see some American dick.” Warhol has been developing feelings for Lovell, so when he sees what’s going on, he rushes outside and pushes the two guys off his boyfriend. Having to wait for another time to see some American cock, Adam and Phillipe head inside to get cozy in their bed.

Watch Adam Archuleta Drilling Phillipe Gaudin’s Ass

adam archuleta and phillipe gaudin

Adam Archuleta is a beautiful guy, he’s so adorably cute, but he’s also packing a deliciously big and thick uncut cock that any bottom would gladly bend over and take up his ass. After some kissing and dick sucking, the boys get down to screwing. Phillipe is down on all fours and Adam stands on the bed, squats over his bottom’s gorgeous ass, and slides his thick meat inside Gaudin’s raw fuck hole. And the harder Adam drills, the higher in the air Phillipe shoves his butt. He’s really loving Archuleta big dick.

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adam archuleta and phillipe gaudin

As if watching Adam Archuleta fucking the hell out of Phillipe Gaudin isn’t hot enough, seeing Phillipe down on all fours getting his ass pumped and spewing his load all over the bed just about does me in. But better yet is watching the way Adam’s load of spunk flies out of his dick in a strong stream just like he’s turned on the garden hose. He aims his thick meat right at Gaudin’s well-fucked hole and completely drenches it.

Watch Adam Archuleta Spunking Phillipe Gaudin’s Well-Fucked Hole

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