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Hung Cuban Hunk Damien Crosse

cuban hunk damien crosse

I’ve always had a thing for Cuban hunk Damien Crosse, and who wouldn’t? He’s handsome, very well built, and is blessed with a super fat uncut cock. I used love watching him when he was an exclusive with Titan Men, but back then they almost always cast him as a top. Crosse could fuck a hole through a cement wall, so he was always a lot of fun to watch.

But since leaving Titan Men and heading over to Lucas Entertainment, Damien Crosse has been allowed to show off both his topping and bottoming skills. But it doesn’t really matter, I could watch Crosse reading the proverbial phone book, as long as he had his big fat uncut cock hard as a rock. It’s 8.5 inches, it’s thick, and it’s sheathed in foreskin.

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cuban hunk damien crosse

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  1. maryann daniel

    Love to put put that in my mouth

  2. maryann daniel

    It looks good

  3. maryann daniel

    Pretty good

  4. maryann daniel

    Very nice

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