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Jean Franko Fucks Scott Hunter

men in suits getting it on

This video has so much action that I love to get off to, with some really horny sex toy play, and some incredibly tasty thick uncut cock, too. There’s actually a lot of uncut cock on the Men At Play site, and as I have a thing for smart men in suits, too, it just gets even better.

First off, I have to say that their dry-cleaning bill must be immense. Can you imagine the poor studio guy who has to take all those suits to the cleaners? I wonder if they ever wonder why the same guy comes in so often and why he has so many suits smeared with what looks like mayo? Maybe they think the guy manages a mayonnaise factory where all the staff hate him and fling it as he walks past? lol Anyway, sorry for that detour, I just had to mention it.

If you know me well enough by now (and I think you do) you’ll know that I’m a little bit of a fan of the gorgeous Jean Franko. Everything about this Latin hunk gets me throbbing. He’s so masculine and hairy, really muscled, and that uncut cock of his is one of those dicks I could spend hours worshiping. He’s the kind of man you could never forget being fucked by.

Uncut muscle guy Scott Hunter is the lucky fucker getting to ride that cock in this video. Yeah, I’m a little bit jealous, but the dude is hot too and I wouldn’t kick him out my bed either *now imagines having both of them at once.

Watch Scott Hunter Getting his Ass Fucked Good

men in suits getting it on

So, I think we can all agree that waiting rooms can be some of the most boring and depressing places on the planet. If you’re not flicking through a decades old copy of TIME magazine and skimming through the words, you’re sneaking peeks at a gorgeous guy and feeling your cock thickening up as you imagine fucking him stupid right there! Then you risk having to hide that boner tenting your pants when your name is called. lol

That’s the position Scott Hunter is in for this one, desperately turned on by the sight of Jean Franko as he starts to pace the room. Having that big bulge right there next to him is just too much to resist and he reaches out …

How many guys would go with it? Not many I’m guessing. But Jean Franko is horny too, and if a guy wants his cock, he’s happy to give it. He hauls out his impressive thick uncut man meat and Scott is quick to get to work, sucking and licking on that perfect member right there in the waiting room!

I’m not gonna ask why Jean has a massive dildo in his briefcase. I’m sure there’s a valid explanation, but I’m guessing he doesn’t have random bag checks in his office. God, can you imagine that! He stuffs the thick toy up Scott’s eager fuck hole, stretching him open and preparing the guy for his own big boner. Franco rams the dildo home, before easing it out and replacing it with his own cock, hard and meaty, sliding in deep as Scott rides that shaft.

Knowing my luck, this is right when my name would be called, just as I’m getting slammed and ready to cum hard. But thankfully they have time to end their session as Jean Franko pulls out and jerks himself off over the muscled bottom guy, splashing his heavy cum load out of his dick and showering his new fuck buddy with his messy load! I guess that’s yet another suit to add to the pile for cleaning.

Watch Jean Franko Fucking Scott Hunter

men in suits getting it on

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