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Mick Lovell & Kevin Warhol in An American in Prague

kevin warholl sucking mick lovell's big cock

The seventh part of Bel Ami’s An American In Prague has just been released and there are still five more parts to come, so summer isn’t quite over yet. But I’ve always loved watching anyone servicing Mick Lovell’s big cock, it’s so deliciously long and meaty and a cocksucker’s wet dream come true. And Kevin Warhol is swallowing Lovell’s hard-on in this outdoor sequence and getting it ready to stuff up his ass and he shows that he has no trouble deep throating a big piece of meat like this.

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mick lovell bareback fucking kevin warhol

After getting his long dick serviced, Mick Lovell bends Kevin Warhol over and chows down on his smooth butt hole. Kevin is lying backwards on a couch out in the yard with his legs spread high and wide and his asshole pointing up to the sky. Lovell stands behind the sofa and gives Kevin a wet and slobbering rimjob, then the hung blond stud climbs onto the couch and squats over Kevin and slides his big raw cock into the boy’s ass. What a hot fuck scene!

Watch Mick Lovell Unloading All Over Kevin Warhol’s Butt Hole

mick lovell cumming on kevin warhol's asshole

Kevin remains legs over head on the couch with Mick plunging and out of his hungry hole until the top is ready to spunk. Mick pulls out and Kevin grabs his throbbing meat stick, aiming it right at his well-fucked rosebud and Lovell’s balls unload all over Kevin’s ass with several healthy streams of creamy jizz.

But it doesn’t end there. Mick bends over the top of the couch and Kevin pummels his ass with a deep and hard butt fucking and when Kevin’s ready to spunk, Mick sucks him off with cum splashing on his face and dropping all over the leather couch.

Watch Kevin Warhol and Mick Lovell’s Bareback Flip Flop Fuck

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