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Antonio Biaggi Drills Thumb-Sucking Bottom

antonio biaggi fucking spanish bottom papisongo

I’ve seen a lot of things in gay porn, but never have I seen a bottom sucking his thumb while getting his ass fucked. Just when you think that you’ve seen it all, something completely new comes along. Papisongo is a Spanish muscle bottom with a sexy pair of hairy legs and he loves getting his ass fucked. And he’d better because Antonio Biaggi has a massive 10-inch cock and he’s not known to be a gentle top. He when Biaggi is on his knees getting his dick sucked, he eventually grabs Papisongo’s head and power thrusts fast down his throat. Lots of slurping and gulping sounds, and when Biaggi finally lets this cocksucker off his dick, Papisongo releases an exhaustive sigh with spit trails sliding out of his mouth.

The other really horny thing about this scene from Tim Tales is that both these men dirty talk in Spanish. I haven’t a clue what they’re saying, but it sounds pretty hot. While Antonio is drilling this bottom’s ass, Papisongo is quietly groaning and says, “Oh papi” over and over. When Biaggi’s pumping because too much, Papisongo soothes himself by sucking his thumb. His guttural moans and dirty talk really got me revved up. And can I just say one more time: I love watching Biaggi’s huge low-hanging nuts slapping against a bottom’s scrotum. Fuck, his balls must be sore when he’s done fucking like this.

Watch Antonio Biaggi Drilling this Spanish Bottom

antonio biaggi fucking spanish bottom papisongo

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