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Antonio Biaggi & Pierce Miller – Is It In Yet?

antonio biaggi and pierce miller

Antonio Biaggi’s huge cock slides so easily into Pierce Miller’s hole — effortlessly and balls deep without so much as a grunt from Miller — that I expected this bottomless pit to say, “Is it in yet? And let me put it in perspective for you: Biaggi’s uncut cock is an impressive 10 inches long and 7 inches around. You’d think a piece of meat that big would at the very least make a bottom blink or grimace a little. Not when Pierce Miller has in legs in the air.

And when I first saw the pictures for this scene from Bareback That Hole I was wondering if Miller was ever going to suck Biaggi’s monster dick; I almost started off calling this post: “SUCK THE FUCKING THING!” Miller looks at it, kisses it, tongues Biaggi’s big nuts, and licks his cock head. So I headed over and watched the full video, and he does indeed swallow Biaggi’s cock, very well. In fact, Biaggi holds Miller’s head and throat fucks him almost as hard as he pumps the man’s ass. Miller is one of the most proficient bottom’s I’ve seen in a good while — a real cock pig. And Biaggi gives him one of his signature hard-plunging-and-huge-balls-slapping-his-ass fucks before feeding Miller’s hole a juicy load of spunk.

See for Yourself in the Free Preview Video

antonio biaggi and pierce miller

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  1. hi so nice,
    love it.
    looks “yumie

  2. Damn what i would give to suck on something that big, he’s hung like a horse.

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