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Mexican’s Fat Uncut Dick

hot latino guy with big fat dick

If you’ve been coming to Big Dick Hunt long enough, you know that I love Latino guys. And Cream is right up my alley. He’s a 20-year-old Mexican; he’s very tall, standing 6’2″ and lean; he’s cute with some hot chin scruff; and he’s packing a fat uncut dick. His cock is 8 inches long and about 6.5 inches thick — what a mouthful. After stroking his meat and building up a full erection, Cream is pretty horny, so this straight Mexican didn’t seem to mind too much when the producer reaches out and wraps his fist around Cream’s hard-on. After a bit of teasing, Cream sits back and works his big boner. After a few minutes of pumping he says, “I’m gonna cum.” Then seconds later his dick is oozing cum. He’s not a shooter; his thick, creamy load of jizz just flows out gently and politely and slides down his shaft. They asked him about doing a gay-sex scene, but he refused. However, I guess they offered him enough money because he eventually agreed to let a dude suck him off and he spunks all over the cocksucker’s face.

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  1. Rev.Mark$Anthony Torres-

    Fucken Hot Sweet Young Mexican
    Live Too Ride His COCK

  2. What idiot is making these guys shave their beautiful hair?

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