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Tim Kruger Fucks a Hung Black Bodybuilder

tim kruger fucking a black body's big ass

Jake is a bodybuilder who works out like a maniac in the gym, so everything on this black bottom is big — rolling round shoulders, a huge round butt, and a fat uncut cock with heaps of foreskin. He’s also a bottomless pit and has no problem taking Tim Kruger’s 10-inch dick. When this scene opens at Tim Tales, Kruger is lying back and holding his meaty hard-on so Jake can bob up and down on it; it’s not a raging hard-on when Jake starts sucking, but it sure is by the time he’s done servicing it. And watching Kruger’s huge meat popping out Jake’s cheek is such a hot sight. There’s another hot moment when Kruger’s dick falls out of Jake’s mouth and the cocksucker uses his forearm to push it back towards his hungry mouth.

When this black bodybuilder gets down and all fours on the bed and presents Tim with his huge round ass, Tim slides in ten inches in easily. Jake’s also not a noisy bottom, so there’s no wailing or loud symphony of oh fuck and oh my God, just gentle grunts and deep sighs. And it doesn’t take much for Jake’s hole to open up; Kruger is thrusting balls deep in no time. And scroll down and see how much spunk these two blast all over this muscle bottom’s body. That’s a big load of cum.

Watch Tim Kruger Deep Fucking this Bodybuilder Bottom

tim kruger fucking a black body's big ass

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