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Ty Bamborugh’s Long Skinny Dick with Juicy Fat Head

sexy kickboxer ty bamborugh

Before I even saw British kickboxer Ty Bamborugh naked, he snatched a little bit of my heart. What a good-looking lad. He’s 28 years old and says that he’s bisexual. He’s got a beautifully fit body, and check out his dark, hairy armpits and meaty hairy thighs. When it comes to guys he likes smooth, muscled types and he’s a top. With a big cock like his, you’d hope that he was a top, at least I would. Ty keeps fit cycling every day and working out in the gym and he loves kickboxing and other martial arts. This handsome blond Brit has a long, skinny dick and it’s crowned by a deliciously fat and bulbous cock head, the kind you want to swirl your lips around and tease until he begs you to stop. He holds his shaft at the base with one hand and swirls his other hand around the top of his hard-on. Hard Brit Lads says that Ty shoots one of the biggest cumshots they’ve ever seen: he blasts his load about six feet over the camera and you can literally hear his spunk hitting the floor. And they slow is down in a repeat so you don’t miss a single drop.

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