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About Big Dick Hunt

My name is Joe Spunk and I’m a 50-year-old gay man and I’ve been working in the gay porn business for over a dozen years. I’m a gay man and a raging bottom. I love cocks and all their different sizes and configurations. I’m by no means a size queen, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being turned on by a well-hung man swinging a healthy piece of meat between his legs. So welcome to Big Dick Dick, my gay porn blog where I pay homage to the well-endowed man.

I do have some particular favourites when it comes to men and their penises. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a thing for Eastern European men. I guess it’s partially because I love uncut cocks so much and the Euro guys are almost always sporting foreskin. So you’ll find me featuring a lot of Euro boys here.

But following close behind the Czechs, Hungarians, and other Eastern Euros are Latinos. I grew up in a working-class neighbourhood and remember being so enamored with all the Italian and Portuguese men walking home with their lunch pales from their construction jobs. A dark-haired, olive-skinned man will always catch my eye.

I wasn’t really exposed to South American and Latino men until I started working in gay porn, but I find them incredibly hot, so you’ll find a lot of them here at Big Dick Hunt, too. And while a good-looking, well-built Latin stud or hunk turns me on, I really go crazy for the thug type; you know, the a rough-looking and tattooed guy you probably wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley if he was just going to mug you and beat you up, but if he pushed you to your knees and whipped out his big cock, well, that’s another story.

So those are a few of my particular turn-ons when it comes to men, but by no means is a complete list. At Big Dick Hunt I try to feature a wide assortment of well-hung guys and men — long dicks, fat cocks, foreskin dicks, mushroom heads, and monster cocks so big that it scares the bejeezus out of you. Some of the guys are sporting a solid 8 inches, others have 10-inch heavy-hanging dicks that make you want to fall to your knees and cry at the possibilities. Not every penis is going to rev you up and some may even have you saying, “Shit! It’s not that big.” But they’re all fun to look at.

I run a family of gay porn blogs and clicking that link will show you a listing of them all. If you’ve got a question about anything, want to know about a particular site, or have a request for a certain type of guy, feel free to drop me a line. Enjoy your visit to Big Dick Hunt and I hope you’ll make it a regular stop on your gay porn tour.


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  2. Show me giant cocks! I love massive man meat. Huge mushroom helmet cock heads and extra long thick shafts.

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