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Ty Bamborugh’s Long Skinny Dick with Juicy Fat Head

ty bamborugh stroking long skinny cock

Before I even saw British kickboxer Ty Bamborugh naked, he snatched a little bit of my heart. What a good-looking lad. He’s 28 years old and says that he’s bisexual. He’s got a beautifully fit body, and check out his dark, hairy armpits and meaty hairy thighs. When it comes to guys he likes smooth, muscled types and he’s a ... Read More »

Daniel James’ Monster Foreskin Cock

daniel james holding his big hard-on

I have to say right off the bat that Daniel James is one of those guys who doesn’t photograph as well in pics as he does on video. Some guys are like that. And Daniel looks a hell of a lot cuter in his video over at Hard Brit Lads. But with a 9-inch uncut cock standing straight up in ... Read More »

Antonio Biaggi & Pierce Miller – Is It In Yet?

antonio biaggi raw fucking pierce miller

Antonio Biaggi’s huge cock slides so easily into Pierce Miller’s hole — effortlessly and balls deep without so much as a grunt from Miller — that I expected this bottomless pit to say, “Is it in yet? And let me put it in perspective for you: Biaggi’s uncut cock is an impressive 10 inches long and 7 inches around. You’d ... Read More »

Enzo’s 8-Inch Uncut Cock

italian guy holding big erection

Straight, Italian construction worker Enzo is back jacking his 8-inch boner at You Love Jack. And he admits that he’s more bisexual than straight these days: “Just don’t tell my girlfriend.” I guess Enzo is one of those guys who’s under the illusion that a jack-off video he does for a gay porn site isn’t eventually going to find its ... Read More »

How Do You Feel About Pierced Cocks? Cast Your Vote

luke adams pierced cock

What do you think about a pierced cock? Muscle stud Luke Adams has a frenum piercing, which features bars on the underside of his shaft; he actually has two piercings, which is the beginning of a frenum ladder. Have a look at Luke jacking in dick in this outdoor scene and cast your vote in this poll. Read More »

Tim Kruger Fucks a Hung Black Bodybuilder

tim kruger fucking black muscle man

Jake is a bodybuilder who works out like a maniac in the gym, so everything on this black bottom is big — rolling round shoulders, a huge round butt, and a fat uncut cock with heaps of foreskin. He’s also a bottomless pit and has no problem taking Tim Kruger’s 10-inch dick. When this scene opens at Tim Tales, Kruger ... Read More »

Austin Wilde Bones Elliott Blue

austin wilde sucking elliott's blue's big dick

I saw another gay porn blogger’s post about this scene and he made a big deal about it — how could Elliott Blue’s possibly swallow Austin Wilde’s huge cock. Seriously? I don’t mean to be disparaging about Wilde’s dick because it is a nice one and it’s big, but as far as gay porn stars go, Austin Wilde is on ... Read More »

Hairy Top Damian Boss Fucks Yohann Banks

yohann banks sucking a big cock

Yohann Banks is one of my favourite bottoms to watch, he’s a real cock hound and he knows how to service a guy’s meat. He’s filmed a jack-off video with Hard Brit Lads, but this is his first time getting fucked by one of the hung Brits over there. And I like furry guys, so I’m pretty turned on watching ... Read More »

Chase Services Devin Armani’s 9-Inch Cock in I Dig You Bro

chase and devin

Two hot cocks: one curves up, the other bends down. But for me the highlight of this scene from Extra Big Dicks is Chase’s hot butt. It’s so beautifully round and fuckable. He’s paired up with Devin Armani who is sporting a 9-inch cock. And while Chase loves sucking dick, he never really manages to swallow all of Devin’s meat ... Read More »

Kris Wallace Takes Devon LeBron’s 12-Inch Cock

devon lebron fucks kris wallace

Kris Wallace is a cute Polish boy and he’s no slouch in the dick department, but when you see his hard-on stacked up beside Devon LeBron’s 12-inch cock, Kris looks downright small. LeBron’s massive cock is nearly twice as big around as Kris’ and it’s five inches longer. In this new video from Staxus, LeBron sits back on the sofa ... Read More »

Hung Euro Boys at Big Dick Hunt